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The wg(4) driver provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) interfaces for the secure exchange of layer 3 traffic with other WireGuard peers using the WireGuard protocol.

howtos - native tools only - ad-blocking dns with unbound

test - test ad-blocking - test ip leaking - test dnssec


; cat /etc/hostname.wg0
wgkey $PRIVKEY	# wg client privkey
wgpeer $PUBKEY wgendpoint $SERVER 443 wgaip	# wg server pubkey
inet	# wg client ip
wgrtable 0	# wg client talks to wg server via the default rdomain 0
rdomain 4	# but local users access wg tunnel via rdomain 4
!route -T4 add -net default	# rdomain 4's default route is the wg server
; route -T4 exec transmission-cli [...]	# use rdomain 4