Carlo Hamalainen

Thinkpad X61 fan replacement


The fan in my partner's Thinkpad X61 started sounded crunchy so I decided to install a new one from IBM/Lenovo. For anyone considering this, I recommend this page on in particular the comment with datestamp Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:29 pm:

Things you don't have to do that it [the Thinkpad service manual] says to do:

You don't have to remove the ethernet or modem connectors in the upper right corner of the frame (or any screws there).

You don't have to remove any modem cards, or cell cards, or any cards mounted on the motherboard (including the hard drive connector). Just move the wires out of the way.

With that bit of advice the job isn't too tricky. You definitely need some good quality screwdrivers.

Here's the X61 in pieces. The LCD is underneath the tea towel:


It's worth keeping track of the screws that you remove, in order:


You have to take the whole thing apart because the screws that hold the fan assembly in place are on the bottom.


The three main screws that hold on the fan assembly are quite tight, so I ended up using a vice-grip to loosen them: